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Mediterranean Diet

This article provides in depth information on Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is a healthy eating program based around the traditional cooking styles of Greece, Spain, and Italy. The diet consists of a wide range of foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, fish, and spices. In addition to eating heartily and healthily, getting plenty of exercise is an important focus of this diet.

Mediterranean Diet Menu

There is plenty of flexibility with a Mediterranean diet. Itís recommended that you choose large servings of vegetables, fresh fruits, oils, and fats. This diet places a huge emphasis on the use of olive oil as a primary source of fat. Extra olive virgin oil in particular contains a high level of protective plant properties that reduce cholesterol levels. However, you donít want to go overboard with the olive oil, as it provides the best benefits when used in moderation. Another thing you will be required to do is to use herbs and spices as alternatives to salty foods. Clearly, an important aspect of this diet is portion control.

As for meat, eating fish at least twice a week is recommended. Most fish is fine, as long as it isnít fried. Red meat, such as beef and pork, should be restricted. Only eat a little bit every now and then. Vegetarians can also do the Mediterranean Diet, since vegetables, grains, and fruit are favored more than meat and dairy products. Snack choices include nuts, seeds, salad, and fruit. As for liquids, red wine is okay a couple of times a week.

Pros of a Mediterranean Eating Plan

A diet rich of vegetables, nuts, fruits, beans, seeds, and lean meats supplies the body of everything it needs to be healthy. Many of the foods contain antioxidants and minerals that help increase metabolism. Furthermore, the antioxidants help protect against numerous diseases. The chances of getting heart disease in particular are reduced. Olive oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which improves the health of blood vessels.

This is a healthy diet that includes all of the basics of healthy eating. You will lose weight in a safe manner without depriving yourself of any nutrients. Itís very easy to stick with the diet since the meal choices are all delicious. Although there has been some debate over the consumption of red wine, many experts are now agreeing that it can provide health benefits. It contains antioxidants and helps prevent blood clotting. However, like fish, red wine should be consumed in moderation. Drinking too much of it will be counterproductive.

Mediterranean Diet Flexibility

The Mediterranean pyramid chart shows that cereal, rice, grains, and bread are the most important food choices. The diet advocates eating plenty of vegetables and fruits every day. Dieting is not about restricting food in general Ė itís about eating in moderation. Youíll have plenty of healthy snack options, which prevents overeating and giving into cravings.

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. Since it isnít based around extreme caloric reduction, you can lose weight safely. While it is important to count calories, more flexibility is offered by this plan than most other diets. Itís all about eating a variety of foods in moderation.